APC Port Connectors
Adaflange Port Connector


ADACONN® APC Port Connectors permits the ability to mechanically connect ADACONN® ADAFLANGE AFO and/or ADAFLANGEPORT AFP Adapters with 37° Flare Fitting Male Ends together in a manner that enhances the pressure capability of the 37° flare fitting connection.

ADACONN® PORT CONNECTORS with the ADAFLANGE and/or ADAFLANGEPORT flange adapters are used to improve performance, compactness and flexibility in plumbing 4-Bolt split flange type hydraulic systems. The middle photo above shows a connector. The photo on the left shows two ADAFLANGE adapters of the same size fitted to the connector. This permits one to connect two SAE 4-BOLT Flanged Ported Components of the same size together, in a compact and effective manner. These flanges are shown in the same attitude with respect to the longitudinal centerline.

The photo on the right shows an ADAFLANGE adapter being fastened to a smaller size connector and an ADAFLANGEPORT adapter of the same nominal size as the connector. This is used to extend and reduce the ADAFLANGEPORT while still providing the flange type union at the larger 4-Bolt flange port. In this case the ADAFLANGEPORT is shown rotated 90° about its longitudinal axis as referenced from the ADAFLANGE port connection. It should be noted that the one piece 4-Bolt Flanges are kept as captive assemblies that are free to rotate 360° about the longitudinal centerline to facilitate proper alignment and assembly.

The patented ADACONN® PORT CONNECTOR adds flexibility with good performance characteristics and cost savings for compact mechanical plumbed hydraulic systems.

With these connectors the fluid is confined to the inner bore of the connector where the supporting wall thickness is the greatest. These connectors have been proof tested with Code 62 ADAFLANGE and ADAFLANGEPORT adapters to a proof pressure of 18,000 PSI, attesting to the efficacy of these assemblies.