Inserta® Flange Type Modular Connectors
Inserta Modular Connector

INSERTA® Flange Type Modular Connectors provide the means for one to mechanically connect SAE Code 61 and Code 62 four bolt flange port components and other INSERTA® products to these (IEL) elbows, (ITR/ITB) tees, (ICX) crosses and (IPS) port spacer, to form an effective integrated hydraulic system.

The INSERTA® CODE 61 and CODE 62 4-Bolt, Split Flange Type, Modular Connectors, are used in integrated hydraulic systems in place of welded and threaded pipe fittings. These are the original INSERTA® Modular Connectors whose port face widths are made to accommodate the width of the SAE CODE 61 and CODE 62 Split clamp flanges.

Design A and B Modular elbows, run tees, branch tees, and crosses are held in place by bolts that extend from Face 1 to Face Ø in the 4-bolt flange pattern.

Design-A incorporates the 4-Bolt clamp face groove and sealing O-ring on Face Ø and a plain face on Face 1. This design permits stacking various INSERTA® flange type modules together with a minimum of O-ring seals to virtually eliminate leaks associated with pipe threads. The task is further enhanced because using large wrenches with high torque normally needed to install pipe fittings are no longer required since the INSERTA® Modular Connectors bolt together.

Design-B eliminates the 4-Bolt clamp face groove and O-ring on Face Ø for those applications that require this geometry.

Design-C has port faces on all designated port faces, and therefore are not held together by thru bolts (as in Designs A & B), but are port faces that other flange type components are fastened.

Standard CODE 61 and CODE 62 Modular Connectors, have all flange ports of the same size, and are made of steel.