Inserta® IBFP Ball Valve
Inserta Ball Valve

INSERTA® IBFP Flange Ported Ball Valves, provide a simple means to install a ball valve In-Line between two S.A.E. Flanges. Additional INSERTA® components can be “sandwiched” in-line between these ball valves and an S.A.E. Flange.

INSERTA® Flange Ported 2-port Ball Valves have two ball seals, one for each port, 0 and 1. The top of the stem has a slot that indicates the direction of the hole through the two-port valve element. When the slot is in line with ports 0 and 1, the valve is open and permits flow between these two ports. When the stem is turned 90 degrees, the slot indicates that these two ports do not communicate and the valve is closed. When the valve is in the closed position the port that sees the higher pressure pushes the ball against the ball seal of the opposing port side. In each case it is the seal on the side of the lower pressure port that creates the ball’s directional control valve seal.

The valve is available with either an offset aluminum or forged steel handle. Valve handle kits are packaged separately for mounting by the customer. Standard ball valve handle mounting is with port 0 open to port 1 when the handle is turned counterclockwise. The ports are closed when the handle is subsequently turned clockwise.

These valves can be used in conjunction with ADAFLANGE adapters to provide a variety of in-line male porting options, such as JIC 37-degree male and sae straight thread connections.